Issue 009 — Sundae Finest: A collaboration with Cult Favorite

Issue 009 — Sundae Finest: A collaboration with Cult Favorite

Originally published on Jul 18, 2021

It's National Ice Cream Day!

In this special edition issue, we're happy to announce a new collaboration with Cult Favorite – just in time for National Ice Cream Day.

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This summer, Bryn Jackson brought together a group of 9 artists to collaborate on a line of ice cream influenced streetwear. Cypress Design Co. had the honor of working through a couple of ripple based flavors with them: Raspberry Ripple and Caramel Swirl.

These flavors' natural ribboning seemed to align well with the typical Cypress styles. So after being armed with a flavor and list of ingredients, I pulled a color palette and got to work on some custom drawn sleeve drips.

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We also worked through a limited edition Cypress x Sundae Finest logo variant by combining the Cypress mark with a haloed ice cream cone. As a newsletter reader, you get a peek at the final concept round before these shirts went into production.

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Here, you're only getting a taste of the Cypress pieces (labeled 'by @maccormier' on But each and every piece in this line was designed by an incredible artist and was all concepted and curated by a friend of the shop: Bryn Jackson. If you want more like this line, follow Cult Favorite and keep up with the rest of his work.

Introducing: Sundae Finest. the hottest summer / the coldest drip

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Raspberry Ripple

[Raspberry Ripple image]

This is the shirt that started the explorations. As a sucker for a good alliteration, Raspberry Ripple is the first flavor that came to mind when tasked with finding an ice cream with a good ribbon texture. From there, the shirts designed themselves.

Playing in the studio

Mac Miller

While visiting Vallejo last weekend, I bought a print from a local artist in a perfectly curated boutique called The Joint. The owner, Stephanie Brown, was surrounded by her friends, happy to talk about every piece in her shop, and had Mac Miller's discography playing quietly in the background. I found myself in a better mood after chatting with her for a bit and realized I was humming 'Time' while walking back to the car. Next thing I know, I have a week's worth of Mac Miller radio streaming on Spotify.


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