Issue 007 — Print Story: Waves

Issue 007 — Print Story: Waves

Originally published on Jun 20, 2021

Print Story: Waves

[image: diving]

We're back on the normal schedule with this issue after a quick vacation hiatus. With things starting to feel semi-normal, I was able to take a trip to see my family for the first time in a couple years. We spent time out in the ocean on the reefs — it ended up being a great reminder of what inspires a lot of Cypress' work. And in a timely manner, set up the narrative for this issue's subject: Waves.

The ocean has always been a special place for me. Quietly drifting in the current, watching the sunbeams hit the reef, listening to the waves roll into the shore... I always come away wanting to create. It's never a clear idea. I don't walk away wanting to remake a particular coral or sand drift — I just get the itch to make something new. In that way, the water will always be the thing that re-grounds me the most.

[image: carving]

Waves was the product of a late night restlessness. The final piece is a single night's run: carving the block, mixing the ink, and pulling each print happened in the span of a couple of hours. It also ended up being the perfect first experiment with a new pfeil Swiss made V-tool as it was completely freehanded. Carving without any pre-drawn pattern is a mentally difficult task for me, but felt important to try to capture the organic nature of rolling waves.

[image: mixing ink]

Color was also an important feature for this one. I knew I wanted a vibrant, strong blue that would pop off the fluorescent white ground. In low light, it's a bold dark blue. In natural light, the cobalt top contrasts the deeper bottom to create a subtle gradient.

[image: block]

The final print is set with wide white margins to allow plenty of space for the viewer to focus without surrounding distraction. Ideally, the color grade and the unplanned lines would together turn a static print into a moving, undulating piece the longer someone stares at it.

[image: framed waves]

Check out more of the process on Instagram at @



The final print is a 3" x 6" piece set on a 9" x 12" fluorescent white cotton paper. Now available through cypressdesign.coand the Cypress Design Etsy.

Playing in the studio

Sniffle Party

Sniffle Party is the group I continuously come back to no matter the genre I've been listening to that week.

Serena Wagner's voice carries an addictively soothing rhythm over witch-house like baselines from Eric Christenson. Their stylistic compatibility works in a way that no other artist I've found can replicate. They're always in my yearly top listens on Spotify, and happen to be another reminder that all of my favorite musicians come out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


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