Issue 000 — Introducing: In the Cypress Studio

Issue 000 — Introducing: In the Cypress Studio

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Originally published Feb 28, 2021

Hey! It's Mac here, the person behind the scenes. And as mentioned, you're the group who helped me get Cypress Design Co. up and running: you asked me repeatedly to finally sell my prints, or you stayed up all night with me to choose a green for the brand, or I personally biked the first few deliveries over to your apartment in SF. No matter what role you played, Cypress is real because of you. So thank you 🙏

And now it's time for me to keep pushing. Cypress Design Co. has been in the works for years. Before I moved to San Francisco, before I started designing full time, and well before I made prints. It was always meant to become an outlet for my own creativity—this iteration just happened to finally make it out into the world. And now that you're into the prints, I hope you might be interested in other ways I create.

<studio image>

This is it. This is the whole dang studio. Every print, every late night jam sesh, and every bandaid wrapped finger has made a carving right at this workbench.

There are so many stories that I want to share about Cypress' journey. And I just hope that you'll want to hear them. So if you're curious of how this little shop came to be, how it got its name, why I'm so obsessed with topography, or even what music is blasting in the studio while your print was getting made, it'll all be right here: In the Cypress Studio.

From the bottom of my heart, truly, thank you for encouraging me to keep making more.

Cheers, Mac


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